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iPhone 7: The Five Most Important Features for Church Media

steve-jobs-1249665_1920Under Steve Jobs, Apple had the latest and greatest gadgets. It was the bloomer and leader in the mobile tech industry. Jobs reminded me of Henry Ford. Jobs didn’t event much in the way of new tech, but he was really brilliant at perfecting, designing and packaging it. Since his passing it is my opinion that Apple has not been as revolutionary as in the golden era of the iPod, iPhone and iPad. Apple has kind of plateaued. But possibly the greatest acheivment of Steve Jobs was creating a brand loyalty. Once an Apple fan, most always an Apple fan. That being said, with the release of the new iPhone 7 and 7plus Apple may be revolutionary once again. It’s pushing the bounds in phone camera technolgy.

iphone-518101_1920The phone camera may be one of the greatest aspects to the modern smart phone. When the first phone cameras came out , the images were griany, blocky and pixelated. But the iPhone 7 stands head and shoulders above the earlier phone cameras. Let’s look at the specs of the new camera.

  •  12MP camera12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras
    ƒ/1.8 aperture Wide-angle: ƒ/1.8 aperture
  • Telephoto: ƒ/2.8 aperture
    Digital zoom up to 5x Optical zoom at 2x; digital zoom up to 10x
  • Optical image stabilisation
  • Six‑element lens
  • Quad-LED True Tone flash
  • Panorama (up to 63 megapixels)
  • Sapphire crystal lens cover
  • Backside illumination sensor
  • Hybrid IR filter
  • Autofocus with Focus PixelsTap to focus with Focus Pixels
  • Live Photos with stabilisation
  • Wide color capture for photos and Live Photos
  • Improved local tone mapping
  • Body and face detection
  • Exposure control
  • Noise reduction
  • Auto HDR for photos
  • Auto image stabilisation
  • Burst mode
  • Timer mode
  • Photo geotagging

Five Most Important Features for Church Production

5. 12 Mega Pixels. There is some debate about how important mega pixels are. Mega pixels tell the sensor of the digital camera how much information to recieve. The fewer the mega pixels the more grainy or blocky the image will be. Remember when those first phones had 1/2 or 1 MP? Wow how we have progressed! 12 MP will really allow you to to have a high resolution, clear image. But mega pixels arn’t everything. Consider the fact that a 3 mega pixel image will be quite adequate to view on a monitor. A 10×8 print only requres about 7 MP. You can have a 100MP camera, but without adequate light or sharp focusing, then who cares? Mega pixels are only as effective as a good photographer.

4. Auto and Optical Image Stabilization. This may not be as exciting as other aspects, but trust me, you will need this. Your hands are naturally shakyEven the most steady hands will shake when taking pictures. I’m going to tack onto this list, the feature face detection. This is not new but it’s worth noting.   The camera detects faces, making them pop out from the rest of the photograph. The camera also has auto focus pixels. With this you can tap to focus on the subject, just in case your subject is not a person. Combine these with the stabilisation techniques and you have the makings for a great portrait.

3. Six‑element lens And Quad-LED True Tone flash. The six element lens will aid in the clarity and brightness of the image. Speaking of brightness the new flash looks awesome. It’s not just a burst of light that will drown out your subject. This flash will adjust to match the color temperture around you. It’s bright and effective. A advancent in point and shoot photography.

2. Exposure Control and Noise Reduction. Much of the noise reduction comes with the additional mega pixels and the faster lens apeture. That being said the iPhone 7 camera sensor is a bit smaller than previouse phones. This should have resulted in grainier pictures. But some internal calculations with the noise reduction helps insure a quality picture. One trick to manualy change the exposure is tap and hold on the object you want to focus on. While doing so swipe up for more exposure and down for less exposure.

1. Wide angle and Zoom Lenses. Thecamera has two lenses; the normal wide lens with a constant apeture of f/1.8, and a 2x zoom lens. The zoom has an aperture of f/2.8 which is still pretty nice. These apetures will let in 50% more light according to Apple. This will help when shooting indoors under low light conditions. Ultimately also helping create the blurred background, bokeh that only professional DSLR’s and lenses could acomplish. I’m excited to get my hands on one of these phones and test it out on my own.