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Be Your Own, Church Website Builder

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You’ve done the research, the planning, the location scouting, the pre trips and now you are excited to start your church. Wether you are starting by renting a building or if you are ready to build you still need an online presence first. There is no finer way for people that need to come to your church to find you than the internet. Your website is important and it needs to be easy to find, it needs to be easy to read and understand and it needs to be catchy. Here’s the problem, you’re a pastor, you’re a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ and fulfilling The Great Commission; you are not a website builder. Unfortunately you don’t know any web masters either. What then do you do? You do it yourself. You don’t need a professional web designer. You can empower yourself and become your own webmaster, your own church website builder. How do you do that, you may ask? I’m glad you asked because I’m about to tell you. In this article you’ll learn how to buy the domain you want and how to host it and then how to add WordPress. Then you can customize your site to look and navigate how you want it. With the right WordPress templates, widgets and a little work you can get your site to look as good as the top church websites. Let’s begin!

Our first step is to buy a domain name. May I suggest www.godaddy.com. They will let you know what names are available for you to choose so you don’t choose a domain that is is already taken. Then you pick a plan for how long you want to own this domain name and you purchase your domain. No need to purchase any of the other extras they try to up sell you, unless you want them for some reason. Congratulations you are now the proud owner of a new bouncing domain! Go Daddy will give you a confirmation code and send you an e-mial. The next step is to host the domain. I suggest hostgator.com. They have the best plans in my opinion. You will then purchase a plan for x amount of time and then hostgator.com will send you two nameservers which are special codes that allow Hostgator to host the your domain on the internet.

You need to go to godaddy.com again and log into your account. Once you have done that you will see a button on the upper left hand corner that says domains. Click on that and then click on the link that says “manage my domains”. This will bring up a page where you will see your domain name. Click and check the box next to your website address. Then click above it on the left where it says name servers. You then want to put in the custom nameservers that have been sent to you by Host Gator. You should see two text boxes. Type in the nameservers that Host Gator sent you. Next save where it says save. For now your done. Wait 24 hours and then you will receive an email so you can log into your C-panel.

The C-panel is your control panel. You need to go to button that says Addon Domains and add on your new domain name and fill out the information that it ask for.  Next  load WordPress. You should see in your C-panel a button to download WordPress. WordPress is a open and free website builder software. On top of that it is one of the easiest website builder’s. For your church website design, WordPress will be your best friend. You can see one of my sites in the picture above and I developed this site on WordPress. From that point on you can start customizing your site for how you want it to work and how you want it to flow.  You can pick your theme, custom colors,upload pictures add in video from Vimeo or Youtube. You can create pages, post and basically do anything you want from your widgets menu. If you know how to work with any word formatting program then you can use WordPress. The post page operates like any Word Documents, with options to Bold or Italicize your text. There are options for bullets, numbering, adding quotes and linking. The best part is that you don’t need to know any html coding to build your site! Worddpress is just as customizable as Power Point, Keynotes, Word or any program your used to.

For my friends in the Orlando, Florida area I am happy to do the work for you. Please see my services at: http://fliehmanwebsites.com. Rates are $500 a site and then all this work will be taken care of for you! If you don’t live in Orlando and you don’t have the time to do this work (though I encourage you to do so) you can of coarse look into an ecommerce website builder. More on that in other articles on this site. Feel free to check out my Hubs on this topic, here and here.