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Youth Ministry Media


You have the privilege of being the youth pastor of your churches youth group. Any ministry is a privilege, an opportunity, a call to reach people for Jesus and to train them in the Word of God. Youth ministry however can be intimidating. Why intimidating? Youth is a big transition stage from child to mature adult. On top of that you have to walk the tight rope of being a friend as well as a mentor. You’ll have to deal with the topics of peer pressure,drugs, sex and many more topics that are tough to talk about. In this day in age the topics are getting tougher and hairier. It’s your responsibility to teach them the Word of God on all matters. You must also do so on a level that is mature and yet simple. Your lesson plans must be easy to understand and to the point but your expected to have some depth so it’s not to childish. At the same time the presentation has to compete with the glitz and lens flare of the world. The true message of Jesus doesn’t need any help being a better message but the package might need updated from time to time to fit the trend of the current generation. That’s where this article will hopefully come into play. I’m going to be offering reviews for some great sites to get good teaching material and youth ministry resources.

Being in charge of the youth ministry I would check out: http://www.simplyyouthministry.com/. There are some good materials available for curriculum here. They have great youth ministry curriculum for all ages and on all categories for very reasonable prices. They also have a good collection of modern looking books on relevant topics for today.

Be sure to also check out http://www.youthministrymedia.ca/. There is great content on here with some freebie material. Free is always good! They have youth ministry games for you to use. A lot of their material is printer ready for you to use it medianly. Amongst their modern book selection for youth come some very handy book reviews to help you decide what books are best for you or for your youth group to cover.

Pick up some awesome videos and cool looking modern graphics for youth ministry at: http://www.videosforyouth.com/. You can get from there, mini movies, motion backgrounds, stills, countdowns and more. You can download some great softwares for your youth group or church from this site, such as MediaShout, Propresenter, Easy Worship and more. This is an all inclusive website with some wonderful options and buys. Of coarse Worship House Media is one of the best choices for all things media for your youth group. Worship House has everything from stills, to countdowns, to motion backgrounds, and softwares. They have a great selection of sale material. They also have a nice selection of free downloads for your use! Free youth media is always a good thing.

Another media option for youth ministry is to let your youth do their own media. More and more media is being taught in school these days, such as film, photography, graphic design and web design. If you have some youth who are interested in such things let them push their skills by designing some cool art, logos, or printed material for the youth group. Most kids love being in pictures and being a part of productions. Let anyone who is interested in photography capture moments in the youth group and be the documentarian. The pictures then can be used for promotion of the youth group or just for laughs. Let your youth produce their own video announcements, promo videos, fun videos and others. These all give your youth something else to look forward to, something that highlights their talents, gets them involved and makes them feel special. This is a great way to get quiet or uninvolved students involved in service.

Youth Screen Shot

Finally if you are in the Orlando area look me up! I would be happy to do your graphic design or sermon illustrations. Check out my prices and portfolio at: http://seanphotodesign.com/graphic-design. Prices go as follows, a logo is $300, business card, poster or  brochure is $100, sermon Illustration slide is $50 depending on what all it entails. Prices can vary. I also do freelance photography and videographer. Thank you for reading and hopefully this will give you some good ideas for how to spice up your youth ministry.